Hiking Director: Arthur Foley – afoley@ret.unca.edu

Hiking is normally scheduled once a week, between 3 and 5 miles in length, with varying degrees of difficulty from easy through strenuous. Besides the schedule in the PPOTHG Newsletter, a reminder with further details is sent out about two days before the hike to all members.

Hiking Guidelines

Scroll down to see photos of some of the fun.  Click on the leading picture to see the rest of the pictures for each event.

Hiking Photos

South Chamberlain Trail 13 Oct 2020

Another great day for a hike. This area is known as Strawberry Hills and is part of the property that The Broadmoor traded with the city of Colorado Springs. The Broadmoor has done a good job on the trails. Just wish there was a better map of the area. Click HERE to see our route.

Sandstone Ranch Open Space 8 Oct 2020

It was a nice day to check out this newly opened Open Space. What made it even nicer was that a new section of trail was available, allowing us to go farther than originally planned. Click HERE to see the route we took.

Womens Forest Trail 375 30 Sep 2020

It was a great day to see the highlights of the aspen in their golden colors on this trail a bit north of Divide. Click HERE to see the route.

Pineries Open Space 22 Sep 2020

One of our first days back on the trails again. The Pineries Open Space is fairly new with a 9-mile over-all trail. We did just over two miles in-out for this one. Caveat... Some photos taken on an earlier (non-ppothg sponsored hike). Note the smiles behind the masks. Click HERE to see the route taken.

High Chaparral Open Space 10 Mar 2020

This provided a pleasant days stroll along the highest point in east Colorado Springs. The views are great along the ridge. Part of the Homestead Trail was also taken. Click HERE to see the route.

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