Hiking Director: Arthur Foley – afoley@ret.unca.edu

Hiking is normally scheduled once a week, between 3 and 5 miles in length, with varying degrees of difficulty from easy through strenuous. Besides the schedule in the PPOTHG Newsletter, a reminder with further details is sent out about two days before the hike to all members.

Hiking Guidelines

Scroll down to see photos of some of the fun.  Click on the leading picture to see the rest of the pictures for each event.

Hiking Photos

Mt Buckhorn and Josephine Falls 2 Jul 2019

Another great day to be on the trails. The views were great, the weather stayed dry, and the flowers were out. Josephine Falls is on Bear Creek, west of Mt. Buckhorn.

Women's Forest Hike 26 June 2019

It was a nice day for a leisurely stroll through the woods and fields of the Women's Forest north of Divide. The flowers (and cows) were out. 

Fox Run Regional Park 20 Jun 2019

This hike included a talk about Culturally Modified Trees that the Ute tribes made using yucca fiber ropes to tie down and change the shape of trees over years and even generations for various purposes. Fox Run has a large number of such trees. Click HERE to see the route taken.

Spruce Mountain Open Space 6 June 2019

It was another gorgeous day on Spruce Mountain with its magnificent views of the front range and the Spruce Mountain Ranch just below the cliff edge. 

The CMSP Dixon Trail 5 June 2019

This challenging hike took us up to the antenna field via the trails of Zook, Talon, North Talon, Dixon, and Mountain Loop on top of Cheyenne Mountain. Several stops along the way provided magnificent views, and stops at the "Turn around Point" on Dixon (No bikes past this point), the T-33 jet crash site, and the Dixon cabin ruins. There was more, but that will be left for the individual hikers to brag about... Ask about the drenching and the mud we encountered on the way down!

Homestead Ranch Park 30 May 2019

This was a pleasant day for a hike around the woods in this park near the town of Peyton. Along with the great views, several culturally modified trees were noticed. Click HERE to see the route taken.

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