Hiking Director: Arthur Foley – afoley@ret.unca.edu

Hiking is normally scheduled once a week, between 3 and 5 miles in length, with varying degrees of difficulty from easy through strenuous. Besides the schedule in the PPOTHG Newsletter, a reminder with further details is sent out about two days before the hike to all members.

Hiking Guidelines

Scroll down to see photos of some of the fun.  Click on the leading picture to see the rest of the pictures for each event.

Hiking Photos

South Blodgett Open Space 18 Sep 2019

It was a fine day to check out this new area of the Blodgett Peak Open Space.  The hike was fairly easy and the views of the hills and the quarry were good. To see our route, click HERE.

Cheyenne Mt. State Park 27 Aug 2019

It was overcast, but pleasant to wander among the trees on the Cougar's Shadow and Blackmer Loop trails. 

Florissant Fossil Beds 14 Aug 2019

Just another gorgeous day for a hike. Many flowers were in full bloom. The petrified redwood trees provided a great backdrop as well as the many fossils in the visitors center.  

Seven Bridges 1 Aug 2019

It was a refreshing walk along North Cheyenne Canyon Creek. All the bridges were in good shape. 

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