Social Activities


Social Director: Patty Martinez – 719-598-4221

Special Events Coordinator: Felicia Marino – 719-306-5842

The club meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month and our meetings are held in member’s homes or a restaurant. A short business meeting is held, followed by enjoying good food, good company and having fun. In September we have a catered picnic in various park locations and in December a Christmas Party. Through all seasons we have various social outings such as river rafting, plays, concerts, museums, wine tastings and excursions of any nature.

Social Photos

2019 Mardi Gras 1

What a great evening of fun to celebrate Mardi Gras! There was lots of delicious food and delightful spirits, fun costumes, excellent band and lots of dancing!

2019 Mardi Gras 2

More Mardi Gras fun!

2019 Feb Dinner

Lots of conversation and stories perhaps at the February dinner meeting at Ma Mia's Mexican restaurant.

2018 Blossom of Lights

A beautiful fall evening at the Denver Botanical Gardens for their annual Blossom of Lights display -- truly inspiring.

2018 October Travelogue

AAA kindly hosted our group for travel presentations on the Croatian Biking Adventure enjoyed by 8 of our members and an Ethiopian Tour that one of our members experienced.

Dead Sea Scrolls 2018

A very well done and very interesting exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Denver Science and Nature Museum.

(703) 801-9820 - Terry Pessaro - Membership / Vice President

(719) 576-0483 - Ric Denton - Club operations / President

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